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Thread: FreeBSD PPP Dial-up Help

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    Post FreeBSD PPP Dial-up Help

    I know this isn't a security issue, but I need help on this.

    I have FreeBSD 4.3 and I am a newbie to it and *nix.
    I am having trouble getting it on the internet via dialup PPP connection to my ISP. I have edited my /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file to the best of my ability to enable me to connect, and this is what I have in it.

    Questions I have and things I did to/about the ppp.conf file will be #commented

    ( indents may be wrong, because I am writing this just now by looking at my file because I have to use a different comp for internet and I can't transfer the file onto this computer) This file may have word wrapped strangely due tto the forum standards, but I am 95% sure I have the layout of the ppp.conf file correct

    ident user-ppp VERSION (built COMPILATIONDATE)

    set device /dev/cuaa0

    set log Phase Chat LPC IPCP CCP tun command
    set speed 38400
    set ifaddr
    set timeout 180
    add default HISADDR
    enable dns #This tag means I don't need to set up the resolv.conf file


    set phone
    #I put my isp phone number here like this (I made up the following phone number 4657890) Do I need to set up area code and put dashes in there? It is a local number
    set authname
    #Here I put my login name to my isp. I put it just like this set authname raven
    set authkey
    # here I put my password.

    Ok, and that is the end of the file. Now I enabled dns so I don't need the 2 ip adresses from my isp so I don't think the resolv.conf file is the problem.
    Also, when I use ppp mode what command would I use to connect to the isp? I couldn't find any good docs on it that explained it as freebsd 4.3 was set up.
    I am not quite sure what I am supposed to do with my /etc/hosts file and so I would enjoy some explanations on that also.

    If there are errors and such in the above ppp.conf file please tell me. Or explain how I am supposed to set it up. (Excluding indentation and errors that could be caused from wordwrap.)

    Oh, and please refrain from telling me to google and to read mans and handbooks and such, because I have. I have been unable to find a doc that explained ppp as ppp is set up in freebsd 4.3


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    my knowledge of *nix is limited so this is most likly a dumb question, and i don't mean it to be insulting. but sometimes i overlook the obvious.

    are you sure your isp supports pap/chap login, theire are some that don't.


    what response are you getting when you attemp to connect?

    set device /dev/cuaa0

    i really havn't used bsd much but isn't the first modem named cua0

    as for the hosts file, if you have a name server assigned you don't need to use it. this is true for all systems.
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