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Thread: Need some advice on cleaning up my old box.

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    Need some advice on cleaning up my old box.

    I recently got my old Win98 box back and its cluttered with all sorts of **** and I really dont feel like reformating it. So what are some good utilities I could use to clean it up really good, especially the registery.

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    Go here...


    There are a lot of useful utilities in the Downloads section. For registry cleaning, I suggest RegClean. It will discard/repair any abandoned or corrupted entries.
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    Personally, I would get Norton Utilities, and run it's facilities. Worked for me. NU isn't free though.

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    If you want a clean install of Windows 98 without formatting, you can delete the Windows and Program Files Directories and reinstall it straight over... nice clean registry n stuff...
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    Clean-Up Programs

    Hello Schmoo,

    There used to be an old program called McAfee Nuts & Bolts...It had several utilities, including a registry cleaning utility. Nuts & Bolts also had optimization utilities...but best of all, it is really cheap...since it is old, you can pick it up at Wal-Mart for like $8-10 dollars

    It should do a pretty good job of optimizing and cleaning up that old PC
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    Re: Clean-Up Programs

    Originally posted by Simon Templer
    There used to be an old program called McAfee Nuts & Bolts...
    Me, and a few of my friends, had Nuts & Bolts and in each case it screwed with our machines bad. The newer versions might be better (I have no idea what versions we had).
    I would definatly go with Norton System Works. Well worth the money spent on it.

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    I think the closest thing you can trust is the Norton Utilities like Guus said. But I don't assure you for anything...

    I don't really trust Norton much... they're all the same, but it's better than nothing at all.
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    Yeah, Norton products are alright. If it's just Windows 98 try and get hold of a copy of Norton SystemWorks Pro 2000 (or the standard version), as it will probably be cheap if you can find a copy. If not you could shell out for the 2002 edition from: Symantec It also comes with Norton Ghost which will allow you to make an image of your disk, which you can then burn to disk and then use to restore your machine should it die on you in the future.

    Of course you could just get Norton Utilities or McAfee Nuts & Bolts (never used that one before).



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