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    Has anone heard of a server called webSTAR4? And if so, could you post some details on it or anything you might have heard about it?

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    Is this what you are talking about?

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    Webstar is what they run on Macs as a webserver.

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    Originally posted by Focmaester
    Webstar is what they run on Macs as a webserver.
    I have managed a Macintosh network a couple of years ago and we did use WebStar 3 as webserver.

    Today I guess most people in the Mac world have started to use MacOSX with Apache and WebObjects, but I am not aware of any usage statistics since it's a long time since I worked with Macintosh and I have no plans to convert back again :-).

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    Webstar is nice, and what I hear from security xperts and statistics is that there have been very litlle security problems over the years.

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    Hi Schmoo!

    Good day to you! Yes, Webstar 4 is a web server for Mac. The version 4 was introduced on 1999. Right now, version 5 of it was released. According to some users, the Webstar is the most user friendly Mac web server available. It is the easiest to set-up, use, and administer. Moreover, you can download a trial version for both Webstar4 and 5. For further reference, you can download a pdf manual which is available on their site. There's also a comparison chart on the said site(

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