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Thread: Linux FTPd : better move that WUftp ?

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    Question Linux FTPd : better move that WUftp ?

    Hello everyone.

    I'am planning to get up a small anonymous FTP Server on Linux (RH6.2), with upload possibility. Question is : the builtin wuftpd seems a bit "under attack".... and I don't want to be hacked within 2 hours... so :

    -> should I move to FreeBSD ?
    -> should I move to another FTP Daemon under Lx?
    -> or should I patch to the latest updates my wuftpd + setting up the strongest security possible in config files ?

    A+ hantiz.
    Linoux c\'est de la bombe bébé !

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    Use a different ftp daemon, proftpd is nice.

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