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Thread: Aaarrrrgh! Security Updates

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    Aaarrrrgh! Security Updates

    I wonder how many times this year I've installed MS security updates and bug fixes. Seems like every week I get mail from sys admin saying "blah new virus/trjoan/worm blah please go to blah blah and install the new blah blah-fix".

    Sometimes this fix has got to scan my whole hard-drive, and these things take time! It's like 20 mins waiting for updates every 14. days. And 150 people in the organization that all have to do this, that's like 50 hours getting no work done. Now that's what I call XPensive!

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    switching to Linux at an organization/company is not easy but MacOS is and it's immune to all the e-mail viruses that have been screwing around lately.

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    well the reason for this is two reasons

    #1- microsoft was in a hurry to get xp out for people to buy it for the holidays. so there are lots of little bugs to fix and clean up.

    #2- it is very easy now for script kiddies and just plain *******s to create virii and trojans and worms.... there are programs that are very easy to use (virus labs and such) and of course there are just smart people who think it's fun to watch your system die...

    oh well.... at least microsoft is fixing the problems.... it could be worse. it could be like 95.... lots of little problems and a big screw u from microsoft..... "buy second edition to fix the bugs, we don't make patches when we can make money..."

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