Recently in a thread someone seemed angry at me and I couldnt figure it out, I had done nothing to upset this person and we argreed on the topic at hand.
So I sent a Pm and what I had suspected turned out to be true. Someone had giving him negative antipoints attaching my handle.
I never realised anybody could stoop so low, if they had a problem with me flame me dont try to sabatoge me its the lowest of the low.
Luckily I sorted out the problem but I now fear this anonymous user is doing this to others using my handle and other members handles also.
I know I have my enemies and they know who they are....
All I ask is that if this happens to you please dont react badly and blame the person who gave you the antiponts for all you know it could be an abuser of the system.

I have decided to inform JP of the matter in order to find the culprit but I also need to clarify that I only give earned antipoints, I wouldnt give them flame you and leave my handle, its not normal human behaviour.

Please keep this thread up as I need everyone to see its importance.

Thank you for your time.