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Thread: Important -Antipoint Abuse

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    diz iz sad

    diz iz rediculous. ppl r dealing wit sumthin dat can be as trivial as antipoints and someone still feels the urge to mess up sumthin wit diz forum. the worst part bout diz iz dat itz on a site that focuses on the prevention of things like this. i think that the some senior members and veterans of diz forum kud somewhat look out for diz kinda thing so dat we can maintain wut we set out to do in diz site.
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    I was dismayed to see this thread appear as I thought that people would have the guts to admit when they disapprove of a post by at least signing their own name or, if they wanted to remain anonymous, merely not signing anything but their comments. But to sign someone else's name is appalling.

    If I were to say that I was disappointed that Hehbris/Debris was removed from the system I'd be lying. I was pleased. He bordered on harassment a few times in the IRC chat with me and was scary at times. While nothing went beyond what was in the IRC and I probably let things go without putting my foot down, it was still disturbing nonetheless.

    Now for Shmoo, I'm quite shocked. I never pictured or conceived that he would do that. And in conversation yesterday in IRC it seemed to be a shock to him. JP, while I do not question your choice to remove Shmoo, I ask as to what lead you to him? Are both hehbris/debris and Shmoo prevented from ever logging on to the system? Or can they under new accounts?

    Just some random thoughts.
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    Thumbs up well deserved...

    folks, I must admit... it is better to lose your account on AO and feel the shocking effects of your mortality at a young age, than to have your life shattered because you went for so long and never got caught that suddenly the feds are at your door and *poof* whatever happened to the fun times. Well let me tell you, you will be sitting in jail with other losers talking about the good old times and salvate at the sound of a dial tone, because you know that is the closest they will let you get to the internet for a long time!!! The two of them were not smart enough to not get caught, largely by using their i.d. to distribute the points. Let's all hope this will be a lesson for new joiners of AO.

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    I never suspected Schoo for a moment but there is proof of his guilt so I suppose he had to go.

    As for hehbris despite personal disagreements [quite a few to be honest] I would never expect he would try something as sly as this and now he is paying for it, no more messing about he went a little too far and Im sure he now realises this.

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    Are they kicked out forever our could they register a new account?
    I was just wondering

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    Hehbris aka Debris is someone you could expect this from, I know who he hangs out with and I know he is very agressive.
    The minute he said e-mail me I knew it whas him.
    They could register again, bet they have tried but then again how long will it take before we figure that out? who knows, maybe he even has multiple accounts that have been running for quite some time.
    As far as the abuse, people still keep giving me antipoints for reasons that will make you laugh and still they don't harm the amount of points I have.

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    Thumbs up

    GO JP!

    If they do register a new account (and they can, and the probably will) they will act like fools again, and get booted. More work for JP, but thems the breaks!
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    haha i even got the funniest reason for a negative antipoint today.. some kidd gave me a negative and left a msg "you stupid convict sum" hahah

    i see that guy made a research on Australia... and yeah Australia did start as a prison island where all convicts were sent.. but heck.. what do i have got to do with them? first of all im Filo.. i aint aussie.. but i do live in australia and do have australian citizenship.. big deal.. i also have american citizenship and 12 passports.. so go ditch all the countries i live in if u want. hahahha..

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