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Thread: A new view on the script kiddie issue.

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    I think that the following is how the learning process goes, considering I never found any joy or interest in using programs that do stupid things for me.

    ---->skript kiddie-->felon->Butch's ass buddy
    A buttered piece of bread always lands butter side down;
    A cat always lands on its feet;
    A cat with a buttered piece of bread strapped to its back hovers feet above the ground in a state of quantum indecision

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    I think that the following is how the learning process goes, considering I never found any joy or interest in using programs that do stupid things for me.

    ))))))))))))))))))))))))))->skript kiddie-->felon->Butch's ass buddy
    introduced->Newbie<(Choice to be made here)
    Sorry about the double post, my text blueprint messed up
    A buttered piece of bread always lands butter side down;
    A cat always lands on its feet;
    A cat with a buttered piece of bread strapped to its back hovers feet above the ground in a state of quantum indecision

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    Post shrug

    Personally, I fall into NONE of the 3 categories listed above...I am neither a "Newbie hacker", a "Script Kiddie", nor (obviously) a "Hacker". I read and post here just out of the desire to learn about the 'culture' and the technical aspects of how the 'culture' operates, just out of the pure desire to LEARN. And out of this observation, I feel that the "Script Kiddies" are truly the most blockheaded individuals out there. Coming to an interactive environment (social situation), and: asking foolish (and often potentially illegal) questions, boasting, or just generally being a punk generally impresses no one that actually has a desire to learn and perform the technical feats of knowledge that the true "Hacker" possesses. Frankly, if I were to download 'Sub7', my desire to use it would be so little that I wouldn't even bother to learn how, as it would teach me nothing that I don't already know how to do. (IP - check, pointandclick - check).'s the point...

    Desire to learn and understand (Hackers and Embryonic Hackers (new term) -

    Desire to pointandclick learn nothing in the process while speaking to others with a falsely inflated ego and blatant ignorance (Script Kiddies and their ilk) -

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    (1) newbie --> (2) script kiddie --> (3) hacker
    i think that the term you are mean to use in place of script kiddie is "intermediate." A script kiddie by definition has no regard for other people and are malicious and inconsiderate by nature. they are the ones who consider hacking to be the use of sub-7 and the like. they are the ones who think that the most important thing that a hacker can do, that a hackers biggest accomplishment, is to hack hotmail. that is a script kiddie.

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    Well, when I first started I didn't know anything because it wasn't easy to get ahold of, since every time I asked I got flamed, heheh
    I started off ganking HTML and Java from chat rooms and websites, fiddling with it, etc...eventually found ways to annoy the hell out of the poor chatters with my new knowledge, then found ways to mess w/ the actual, it wasn't '3l337', no it wasn't cool. It was being a script-kiddy. I begged everyone I found who seemed to know more then me for anything they'd give me...eventually I found some good d/l sites and read a bunch of tuts and FAQs that opened my eyes...and I started trying to find ways to fiddle with my new-found hobby of playing w/ security without pissing people was more challenging, and ultimately I learned more from it...

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    Thumbs up Give them a chance!

    I agree...

    I think most of the time, script kiddies are the result of newbies who get flamed for their inexperience. How is the newbie/neo supposed to learn anything when the obliviousness of the experienced/"|337" hacker gets in the way? Nobody can learn when a newbie is under the assumptive thumb of the heavy hitters. Sometimes, we bring the script kids on ourselves. I think the best way to get around this malignant segment of the hacker population is to actively train people who ask politely and would want to make the effort to become what they want to be. It not only would lessen the number of them, it would make the art of hacking a rich and fulfilling activity for everyone of all skill levels.
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    Now y´all listen to marsalus75

    But seriously, are we the only once here thinking that the scene pushes some of the newbies that become script kiddies with their attitude?
    At the moment of posting this I´m still unsure if I should go this far..
    But I know atleast a handfull of people here in sweden that needs a good slap now and then.
    Why you ask?
    Because they have perfected the 1337 attitude towards people that from their point of view don´t know enough. Kinda reminds me of nazis looking at an non-arian race. And I can see why people don´t want to be like those. Ok, there´s a long jump to becoming a script kiddie but I still want to send out a big to those people.

    Flame away or whatever

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    Scriptkiddies. I know from firsthand experience these guys are not interested in learning anything. They want to use and abuse other peoples hard work so they can brag about the damage they have done to their friends. I agree, scriptkiddie is not an education phase; it's a choice.
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    I have no sympathy for skR1pT k1dd13Z at all. Bunch of aol-usin' losers (most I've seen come from aol). I've known a few to 'knock over' some poor slob's linux box after he spent 8 hours getting the damned thing to run because he doesn't know anything about linux and is trying to learn and here he is, DRT (that's Dead Right There) because some loser with his parents-bought cable/dsl line downloaded some backdoor script or buffer overflow written by someone else and now 'owned' him, defacing his web server he didn't know even existed with claims how much of a 'mad haxx0r' he is. Do I sound a little irate? I've done cleanup work for people that've lost everything all because some *****nut just had do break into their stuff and do 'cd / && rm -rf /' or 'cd / && find . -print -exec echo > {} \;' to prove their "manliness" or some stupid sh*t like that...

    It's even worse when it's some .edu that was knocked offline because the underpaid overworked SA who's not aware of the latest (name here) bug because of all the work he has to do on antiquated systems is doing printer maintenance because the 75 teachers can't print because said server is down! (GAH, I'm stopping here)

    I think I've stated my opinion on this...*grumbles* And btw, if you're an AOL user, don't think I'm talking to you (unless you're a script kiddie moron loser)...I just don't qualify AOL as a "real isp".
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    My experience with kids

    I have a little story about my experience with kids and the desire to be destructive.

    I work with middle school aged kids, I teach them computers. I set up a Linux box in our lab and gave each kid an account. Of course the first thing they asked me is how can I break into other people's accounts. Their reasons ranged from wanting to damage people’s websites to wanting to read peoples email. I was saddened that this was all they could think of at first, but after some thought I found away to turn it around. I gave them some links for information and challenged them to keep me from breaking into their accounts. I would go in under my username and rename files and change their bash till they learned how to change permissions and various other things to make their files more secure. The computer techniques learned were elementary, but I believe the moral lesson was much greater.

    I like the idea of challenging people who ask how to break something to fix it first. I am not sure how practical it will be in someplace like AO…Still thinking about that issue, but I believe the idea has merit.

    Well I hope you guys enjoyed my insight

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