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Thread: Being a Geek is quite fun

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    Being a Geek is quite fun

    Well being a seventeen year old male in college puts me at the bottom of the dating totem pole . The way i see it is girls like bad boys and not geeks....well i hope to change that im as we speak in the proccess of creating and i hope it will be done soon. This will hopefully help geeks meet living girls....what i dont want to happen is for all guys to start chatting cuz that would be bad....(unless you were gay and if you are i mean no offence) but from what i hear there are plenty of geek females out there who are if you guys and gals have any ideas or thoughts about what i should put up let me know.

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    While I certainly do understand and relate to your yearning for a significant other who shares your interests, I don't think you're going about it the right way.

    The fact is that "geekgirls" are few and far in between. Searching for one of these rare creatures will most likely (statistically speaking) leave you in a state of lonely heart break and misery. There simply aren't enough of them to go around!

    Do not despair my fellow wanderer! There are myriads of other interesting girls for you to pick and choose from. Sure, they may not know much about your favorite operating system, but intelligence is not limited to people with specific hobbies and interests.

    Why not expand your search to encompass girls that are interested in other things? A chunk of my male geek friends are currently dating/interested in women who lend their minds to the arts, in all its forms. I personally think this is an absolutely magnificent match. Sure, you won't be able to argue about minute technical details on one thing or another, but you will have the priviledge of being with someone who's generally open-minded, creative and expressive. Do these qualities not mesh exceptionally well with those typically found in geeks/hackers?

    note: Of course, my example was just that--one single example. I'm sure there are plenty of perfectly interesting women scattered across all fields of interests.

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    Now, being a 19 year old guy in college w/ a computer science major puts me in about the same dating eschelon as you. I like to think I'm not bad looking...but all my working out equals squat the moment I make a 'blue screen of death" joke...

    So, hey, I think your forum there is a shibby idea...BUT, given the geek/nerd-guy to geek-girl ratio of let's say, 7:1, I envision a server filled with about 8,000 male ads and roughly 43 female ones.

    But hell, like I said, great idea...and though it's gettin late and my brain isn't workin much tonight, I'd be happy to help out anyway I can.

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    I have a girlfriend who recently moved into my house with me and she is really into PS2 and PC games. One day I come home and she is using my Linux box and playing the games. She started asking a lot of questions about it so I gave her a few books to read and now she takes command reference texts to work with her because she is determined to learn linux, she rarely gets on the Windows box anymore. When she and I first got together she hated computers now she is not only using them but she is planning to go to school to learn programming. The moral of the story is you may not be able to find a geek girl because they may not know that they are a geek. It is our civic duty to help these wonderful people realize their potential. Peace.
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    7:1 isnt good odds

    Heys All,

    Given the poor ratio of geek males to geek females, I am afraid that I have to side with autumn on this really is much better to just find someone that has a creative edge, rather than an exact understanding of everything you're interested in. It's definitely worked out for me before, so it should work otherwise.

    The server would be hilarious, and yeah, there would probably be thousands of guy posts to somewhere around sixty girl posts...ah, well.
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    Just post in the dating adds.
    Smart geek looking for Linuxchick.
    Must be tall blond, be able to code in C etc.

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    Thumbs up uS3#y0ur#hand@

    &/or two time your computer and get out there and be a man.

    Go hunt down some women & go for the best cause that way you'll easyly get the rest.

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    your woman should not look like that attachment in the above thread.

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    Heh, Am I the only one that goes for pretty much everything with a heartbeat?
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    I happen to be female interested in sports and computers. The guys at my school would rather go after the hot sorority girls. Physical appearance is nothing. I have seen girls with a crap load of makeup that are afraid to take it off. Anyways, most would rather have a hot blonde than a nerd with glasses.

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