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Thread: 139 NETBIOS Session Service

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    139 NETBIOS Session Service

    Can someone explain to be how this thing works? Lets say I set up the netbios thing on my other computer, how would I connect to it? What is the Netbios Session supposed to be used for anyway? Just out of curiosity..thanks

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    Question ?????

    ypur tellim me u have no idea about net bios,
    ,did u read any of the 115 some posts u replied to ???
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    Here are some links for you:

    For more do a search in Google using the terms: what netbios is used for


    115 posts could be about anything but NetBIOS. It is something that seems to be primarily used by windows although it is available for other OSes. So it is conceivable that Shmoo hasn't talked about it or hasn't gotten a full decent description of what NetBIOS actually is. It's one thing to talk about how to use it, its another to truly understand it.
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