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Thread: IT is "GINGER", and it is SWEET

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    Cool IT is "GINGER", and it is SWEET

    OK, perhaps it's not the mythical world-changing device we thought it would be, and it's not as funny as the South Park thing...But IT is here.
    Just follow this link to the article, and read about the future of how you will, um, move.
    Now with all the hype, I'd personally expected it to toast my bagels, walk my dog, and scrape the frost off my windshield too...but we gotta work with what we've got.

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    Damn thats cool. I personally think it's the next generation in transportation. No emissions, good range, cool design. Bad thing is that my big ass might not be able to ride it. I'm standing at 6'3" 270 lbs so us big fellas will stick to cars till the industrial one drops *a lot* in price. I'd own one in the future though.
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