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Thread: BAd Sectors Eating my head

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    Exclamation BAd Sectors Eating my head

    i partioned my hard disk (20gb seaget) so as to install both linux and win me on after partioning i have been getting bad sectors consistentely on my win partition....some one told me that these bad secs. can be removed or atleast minimized using s/w's it possible coz i thought bad sectors were a physical damage..if yes then can u ppl recommend few softwares for that purpose or links......

    plz ...i m very touchy about my system and this problem is really troubling me

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    Damn.... i hope you REALLY DON'T HAVE bad sector on your hard disk. This is probably a logical failure than an hardware failure...

    => your hard drive is not too big for your system ? Are you running the latest BIOS for your Motherboard / IDE Controller.

    => i would advise you software like Partition Magic. It will check your disk wisely. I know it's not free...but...

    Anyway if you can't find it / buy it, you could user Ranish Partition Manager wich is freeware but working.

    - hantiz.
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    Back up your files, redo the partition, and re-format. If you can use fdisk, don't get partition magic (because it costs money).

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    There's a free program to do all that you want - search in Google for "Ranish Partition Manager".
    Ah well...I\'m back on AntiOnline!

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    I agree with Manish (and i posted that a few post upper... )Ranish Partition Manager is ALWAYS better than fdisk.

    So go on and do the job with it.

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    If it has phsyical defects in it then you might just want to do a RMA with Seagate. I had two hard drives do this and they both have crashed and are no longer working. Boot up the computer using Windows boot disk(not an ME boot disk) an run a scandisk on the bad partition. That might find all bad sectors and block them off so the computer doesn't try writing anything on them.
    Hope that helped.
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    I had the same problem when I had red hat and win98 on the same machine. What happend to me was somhow the two partitions overwrote eatchother. Suddenly lot's of my documents were corrupteded and linux wouldn't even start. I used a partitioning program shipped with the cd (fips or something like that?). Anyway, it crashed my disk and from now on I'm only using partition magic. It's a safe bet.

    If you encountered problems it would be wise to backup your disk as soon as possible. Don't expect things to work out like I did.....

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