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Thread: Solaris for Intel platform

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    Solaris for Intel platform

    Today I received my copy of Solaris for Intel from Sun Microsystems and I wonder if there is anybody here who has given it a try. If so, how whas your experience?

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    Whats your machine config? (Speed/RAM)
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    AMD 500 mhz, 256 mb Ram

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    A friend of mine installed Solaris (not sure which release) on a PC at his house and so far, it's still running. He didn't have any special kind of configuration (like RAID or anything) and it didn't have any problem detecting or configuring anything. You should be perfectly fine with an AMD 500 w/ 256mb RAM.
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    Thanx, I'm gonna spend my weekend trying to install it and get it to run.
    Will let you know how it went and if it's worth trying.

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    In my experience it is not as fast as it is on a SPARC, but that could be for the same reasons that Linux is not as fast as possible off the default install. (Set up to run on just about any IDE HDD regardless of DMA, PIO etc.. etc..) I plan to fool around with `hdparm' or whatever Solaris counterpart to hdparm there is and see if I can get it to give me that `Solaris Speed'. I am hoping to get like 16.x MB/s or faster, could be possible.

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    solaris on Intel

    well, I have downloaded and installed Solaris 8 for Intel and I ran it for a while. The install was easy enough and it ran great. The reason it doesn't run as well on an Intel chip is because of the multitasking capabilities that the SPARC has over any intel chip. Intel's will bog down if you get multiple things running at one time, whereas a sparc would still run strong.
    I guess thats why solaris is free on Intel's up to 8 processors.
    good luck
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