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Thread: Did you hear about sms virus which crach your mobil phone?

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    Did you hear about sms virus which crach your mobil phone?

    This text is from

    So now you can send an SMS and crash a mobile phone, so that the user is locked out.

    Job de Haas, a security researcher at ITSX, has adapted a program called sms_client, which sends an SMS message from an Internet-connected PC, in which the User Data Header is broken.

    During a presentation during the Black Hat conference last week, he demonstrated how a malformed message crashes a Nokia 6210 phone on its receipt. Once the message is received it is impossible to turn on an infected phone again.

    The vulnerability is tied to the software used by a phone. The flaw affects Nokia 6210, 3310 and 3330 phones, de Haas has discovered, but not a Siemens phone he tried. Phones from other manufacturers are yet to be tested.

    To fix the problem users have to put a SIM card into a phone without the bug. Alternatively if the SMS message is registered in a user's In-box this could be deleted with a SMS management tool on a PC.

    To repeat the exploit requires knowledge of SS7 signalling and telco protocols to adapt sms_client into an attack tool. But given the power of the attack security through obscurity doesn't appeal. The kicker is that the modified sms_client makes it trivial to spoof the source of any attack.

    Nokia told us that sending a message which freezes a phone is "something it encountered" before. The company is unfamiliar with the exploit uncovered by ITSX, which comes as a new twist even to clued-up Black Hat attendees. It promises to get us a more detailed technical response, and we'll update you when this becomes available. ®

    Do you know where can i find something more about it?Pleas give me url of the website.

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    its not a "virus" anyway...
    Ah well...I\'m back on AntiOnline!

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    In my opinion it is a virus but all of us have diffrent opinions

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    It's not a virus, Job de Haas from ITSX gave a talk on the subject during HAL 2001 and also provided a Powerpoint presentation on how to exploit this. I have a copy, if you would be interested please e-mail me
    and I will send you a copy.

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    Yeah, it's not a virus, i think that it block the card SIM.

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    It's more of a DoS attack than anything.

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