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Thread: Sorry, Lots of questions

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    Question Sorry, Lots of questions

    Hi all,

    I have quite a few questions within this post,hope someone can help me.

    I just download activestates perl for windows as I was told that I needed this to run the "Whisker" CGI scanner. I had been using the Stealth 2.0 but found it too slow and it gave back to many error finds.

    My problem is that I dont know anything about perl ,although Idownloaded it i cant figure it out to well. Can someone tell me how to set up the interface (if theres one?) and also how to get perl to find my whisker program?.When I type in "perl" it dont recgonise the cmd where do I down load the Whisker program too? is it in the perl folders or one of the directories of windows?.

    I am a newbie and am just trying to learn a few different programs..also what programs do I need to down load from the Repository.

    My main problem is that I cant run the whisker scanner...when I click on the Whisker icon the Dos comes up and disappears really quickly.

    please help if you can (in laymans terms)

    Thanks for reading me

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    Well, while I'm not going to go through the whole details of setting up Activestate's perl-for-windows for you, it seems you're just having a problem finding the perl executable to run.

    1: Find the directory you installed perl into and find the perl executable (example: C:\Program Files\Perl\bin)
    2: Start->run->notepad c:\autoexec.bat

    While editing autoexec.bat, put the following line:

    PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Perl\bin

    That should set it so that now when you type 'perl' in the command window, it'll know where to find it.
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    im not familar with wiskers but IMHO, you might want to open up a command prompt before you try to run it and after you've appended the autoexec, so you don't loose the results when the DOS box closes or change the the properties of to not close on exit

    "echo PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Perl\bin >>autoexec.bat" typed at the prompt also works
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