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    Question Snow White

    My frien's PC, I believe has a virus that has attacked the HDD boot sector. She believes it was from a file called Snowhite, probably a .vbs. Does anyone know what this may be. Or how to attempt recovery. My idea was to install a new HDD and try to extract files that way. I don't know much about virii. Ite PC is a gateway, so it has that stupid startup screen. The system locks up during that screen. Will a DOSboot disk bypass that screen? Thank's for the help guys.

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    first of all here is some info on the snow white virus.

    this link also gives you a prog that will remove the virus.

    u really don't know if this virus is your problem though.... this virus is a worm that would attach itself to files in order to be sent out places to infect more puters, something it can't do if the pc doesn't run. now on some gateways (i haven't tried it on all of them and i don't know what your friend has), you can get rid of the gateway screen in bios (hit f1 or del depending on the system at the start up screen) and disable it. see where it is locking up... that might help us figure out why it is locking up.

    as for the boot disk thing.... that could work... it all depends on what the reason for the locking up is. let me know if any of this helps.

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