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Thread: hacking with microsoft access

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    Question hacking with microsoft access

    Hello friends!
    I just came across a site which said that a few credit cards were stolen off the databases. And it was done thru microsoft access. If this is possible then how? DOnt we need any special site address. Or just the site address will do.? Pls assist me in this Problem
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    dear phoenix21,

    unfortunately we do not have the information you required. however, it may be possible to seek this information from sites such as or or or or or some combinations of the above, and cease asking us questions such as 'how do we hack access, how do we hack hotmail/yahoo, how do i do a denial-of-service attack on my girlfriend's boyfriend's computer which i have installed a trojan on for the sole purpose of finding out if she has cheated on me after gaining credit card details of her boyfriend who hacks into cisco routers for a living'.
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    They more than likely hacked a system with a microsoft database and just opened it.

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