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Thread: I find a hole!

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    I find a hole!

    Plaese Email to me!

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    Anyone can find a hole....even rats! Its no big deal....
    Ah well...I\'m back on AntiOnline!

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    This hole is in my hat!It is not in computer!

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    why don't you tell us what hole you find and let's try to fix it!

    \"The more you ignore me... the closer i get!\"

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    the least you can do is be more specific about what hole you have found. for all we know you've finally broken the unanswerable question of "how to hack hotmail"!!! at which point i'll tel you, WE DON'T CARE! and if you want to use that hole for illegal activity.... then we aren't exactly interested either. so if one of those is the case, find a new place to post cause we aen't interested. otherwise, spit it out and tell us what you found. unless of course this is just a desperate attempt to get people to email you

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    I also found a hole click here to see.

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    HAHAHA! good stuff.

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    As I am a Chinese boy,My English is very poor,so I can't say that hole in English.Sorry.

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    Then how do you expect us to figure it out if we send you an email?

    Personally, I think this is just a bunch of hot air... If you found a hole, you would brag about it and tell people what it is...
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    e-mail you for what? What a load of crap.

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