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Thread: Antivirus

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    Which is the best, according to you, antivirus tool?
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    At the moment I would say Norton, but if they plan to support Magic Lantern, then I will give them the finger
    and switch to Sophos.

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    The one i use at work and home and customers machines is InoculateIT. They have updates almost daily. Worked perfect for me and have not had any trouble, plus it was free.
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    It doesn't really matter to me. I'm currently using McAfee, but I would be just as happy with Norton.

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    AV Solutions can be somewhat subjective, they all have their strengths and weeknesses.

    For the desktop I like Sophos as it is .dll based and loads in to memory rather than having to be called in and out all the time. So it causes system impact. it can be updated from a central installation so on a network it is easy to maintain recommended levels of protection with the updated IDE files

    Mail bourne virus control is still a bit of a thorny issue with none products i have seen over the years dealing with it properly at desktop level requiring a mail gateway resident or smtp relay based solution. Being a bit of a synic I suspect this is more a money making venture for the Av companies as i dare say it aint that hard to trap email inbound to the desktop and have a quick look at it

    As AV solutions are predominantly reactive to virii in the wild and with heuristics being over eager or sometimes down right unwilling to predict whether something is potentially dangerous then it is still the best option to use a non M$ mail client and viciously delete anything you werent waiting for


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    Speaking of M$ mail clients, does anybody know about the McAfee bug that deletes e-mails from Outlook. I had a hard time convincing the company I work for as a sysadmin to switch to netscape or something else.
    Now they think that if they switch to just Outlook that the problem wil be solved.

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    I believe this may be the item you are looking for


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    I really like the new norton corporate, real-time scanning that barely impacts system performance (unless you're copying thousands of files), and integrates into outlook and other common mail clients to scan e-mails as they're downloaded.

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