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Thread: My ICQ number

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    A question!

    May I posting my Virus codes again??? answer me PLEASE!

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    nakoka... Why are you telling us your UIN....
    Its not a very safe thing to do.... especially with the rubbish that you've been posting.... you might have annoyed people who want to do nasty things to you....

    Besides, there is an option in your Profile to show your ICQ UIN so users can contact you....

    P.S. I'm not trying to be mean or anything....
    \"Isn\'t sanity just a one trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick. Rational Thinking.
    But when you\'re good and crazy, hehe, the skies the limit!!\"

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    It doesn't matter. I like stay here. I want to find friends in here. Here is a funny & a good place. I like sOnIc.

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    get a clue~

    nakoka, sit down and think...... no sit a little longer.... ok now what is your purpose here? what are you trying to prove? what do you hope to gain? Now sit and think again.... tell us after you are done thinking how close/far you are from your goals.

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    Just put your ICQ number in your profile and anyone interested can contact you, mine's the little flower under my avater you see, simple, no need for a thread about it!

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    I am beginning to believe that nakoka is nothing more than a joke put on by one of the regular anti online members. I mean look at these posts, they are ridiculous, and they use the funniest english I have ever seen except by a person who is only pretending to not know english. BTW how do you expect to use ICQ when you can barely speak english, unless you are a fake. Im thinking that this is sOnIc because of this:

    It doesn't matter. I like stay here. I want to find friends in here. Here is a funny & a good place. I like sOnIc.
    If Im wrong sOnIc please forgive me, but if Im right please give this up. Its getting old.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    Please let me speak some Chinese word here. È¥ËÀ°É£¡ÎÒ²ÙÄãÂèµÄX£¡Thankyou!

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    haha i swear d00d.. dats not me.. hahah
    *sigh* i really dun know what else to say to dis guy.. he seems to be mislead or somefin..

    da only reason why i can see dis d00d being nice to me coz i was being nice to him.. but then again.. im trying to tell da guy to be a bloody responsible person.. i guess he didnt read my posts or even get my bloody msg..

    nakoka... try to read the post "Your duty as a hacker" coz i made that post for people that are in your level *not that im degrading you or what so ever* but i can see dat u are just a newbie and u have very little knowledge in the "ethics" that most of us here follow...

    and dun bloody post ur UIN coz trust me... anyone can steal ur ICQ account from you if u post it this way.

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    You know this sounds alot like hehbris's style going on, is that you inside hehbris?

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    Dammit freeOn I was just thinking that before I saw your post! This seems a lot like and just registered too. What's the point of this? Does he live to make enemies?

    Hehbris/nanoka: One more try and we might accept you as a normal AO member.
    Why am I still here?

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