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Thread: sOnIc,How can I edit my personal messge?

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    sOnIc,How can I edit my personal messge?

    I want to edit my personal messge here,But I don't know how to do it . My English is not so good. :-P

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    Nakoka, please use private messages if you want to ask questions to one person.

    Also try to post your messages in a relevant forum. Right now, you're posting in "Network Security Discussions." Do you think asking someone how to change your personal message (I think you mean your signature) is a question that belongs in the "Network Security Discussions" group?

    To answer your question, you can change your signature by clicking the link "Edit Your Profile" in the "Member Functions" part of the front page of antionline (on the right side of the page).

    Please, try to learn how to use this page. You're irritating people by the way you're behaving over here.

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