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Thread: the sub 7

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    the sub 7

    try send a trojern ower e-mail in microsoft so u can hack in it

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    Re: the sub 7

    Originally posted by abu_chaudhry
    try send a trojern ower e-mail in microsoft so u can hack in it
    uhh and your point being?

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    lets try guess what would happen...

    hmmm.. methinks, the Microsoft mail servers would strip the email of attachments, and quarantine them....

    Now, the Admins would be able to see that you sent it...
    they could either ignore it, or try to screw you over big time...

    I'm only guessing, but abu_chaudhry, please try away...
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    try send a trojern ower e-mail in microsoft so u can hack in it
    Try learning to type and spell correctly, then maybe you won't be the target of just about everyone... And just what would this 'trojan over email in microsoft' prove? It's not like people haven't done this countless times with screen saver trojans, bad-juju .exes, etc. And 'in microsoft', what else were you planning on doing? Sending it "in *nix"? I hope not because 9.9999 out of 10 (the .0001 the exception being the linux "virus" last year), that's not going to work, period.

    Moral of the story: stop typing like an aol h@xX0r and educate yourself a little bit.
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    Question i can't find a point

    What is the point, you like Micro$oft but can't afford it????? Anybody that did that would only give them free publicity!!!! Whether it is good or bad, publicity is publicity. Leave it be and would someone take this guys keyboard away... and nakoka's as well.

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    I'm sorry, but I already have plenty of spare keyboards.

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    The sub7 trojan is the weapon of choice for doing distributed denial of service attacks. This is usually a tool and attack that only the most untrained and uneducated would use. The trojan can only be passed to those who arent bright enough to scan all of their downloaded files first. Then it is used to send a very high number of pings with a large packet size to the victim. If you have zone alarm or Tiny personal firewall, they will scream when this trys to connect to IRC, and all you have to do is give it a filter rule that perminantly denies it until it can be found and erased. If you do not have any current antivirus software, or a firewall, you probably have already been infected with it, and are wondering why your connection is so slow. If you have linux dont worry about getting infected with sub7, worry about getting attacked by it. For more info on this stupid problem check out
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    Why is that when someone is first exposed to this underground culture. They automatically talk like they know what they are talking about.These kidz wanna be taught "HOW TO HACK" but really all they really want is to talk big. abu_chaudhry if you really wanna get into this shyt....ask a question or two. Don't talk like your the greatest hacker in the world cause you know how infect a 10 year old in the N'Sync chat room with sub7.
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    Right abu_chaudhry, I'm sure you think your a '1337 ub3r-h4x0r' because you were able to unzip Sub7 onto your PC and infect some "10 year old N*Sync Fan". But I doubt you can even do that, for Sub7 takes a little (VERY VERY MINIMAL), just a little knowledge about ip addresses and port numbers. The funny part is the other day I was at Astalavista looking for some new tut's to read, when I came across a "Sub7 Tutorial". Holy Jesus Christ, I laughed so hard.

    But back to the point, sending Sub7 to one of their mail servers wont do anything, even if you send it to somebody like, that still wont work. For Bill knows about well as NetBus and BackOrfice (BackOrfice is actually a nice program...cuts all the crap so no scripty can be able to use it...none of that **** stuff either like flipping screens and crap). I mean, I've had my share with Sub7, I d/l'ed to see what it was, what it could do...and now i'm secure against it. So I have no need for it...I threw it away. abu_chaudhry, the point i'm getting at, is if you really want to make an ass out of yourself by sending a Backdoor to Microsoft, then go right ahead. They will find out your IP address and ISP and probably report you. Then again they might just reply...

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