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Thread: problem with dsl ?

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    Question problem with dsl ?

    Sorry i did't know where to post this and im sorry ,

    ok a friend ha dsl, she has a internal modem and for some reason she get's botted offline when she get's a phone call

    can anyone help ?????
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    I think your best bet would be to get another phone service, and run the DSL off of that one. Just make sure you keep it unlisted.

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    does you friend also have an analoge moden hooked up to the phone lines for faxing or dialup server pc anywhere etc. if she does she needs to stop these services from listening for incoming calls or disconnect the phone line, not the dsl cable which is the larger of the two, while shes using the internet.
    if her computer is not hooked up to the phone line, than its more than likely a wireing problem.
    get yourself a long piece of quad or cat 3 or better. hook it up to the connection block where the wire comes into the house, usually the basement or on the outside of the house. hook up the colored wires exactly like the other lines are hooked up after running the wire to where the computer is hooked up (or from if its easier). If your using cat 3/5 write down what colore comination (blue/white, white/blue, whatever)your using in place of each solid color. No co to the connection block by the computer and replace the existing line leaving all the other connectors in place. If she still has this problem then the defect is in the outside wireing or the centeral office and your going to need the phone company to fix it. the good part is even if your don't have a maintenience agreement there should be no charge to her.
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    Thumbs up well dam

    that was one of the most detailed answer i have been givein
    thank for the post it was very helpful
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    check if your friend has an inline filter for the phone that is used to call, and if there is a filter, if that filter is the wrong end in.. e.g. check that the phone end in the filter is pointed towards the phone and not the phone line itself.
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