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Thread: Learning Linux

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    Learning Linux

    Ok, I am a complete newbie to Linux. I've been using MS-DOS since the mid 80's but I don't know any *nix. Lets put it this way, I don't know any commands, don't know C or anything.

    What I have. I set up RH 7.2 on a pentium 75 - it's all installed and ready to go. I've set it up with no gui - only command prompt.

    What I need. Some links to places I can learn the basics. ie - directory traversals to running programs, stopping services, installing/uninstalling programs, etc.

    The goal. To set it up as a straight firewall/proxy server. Now for this I can look at this thread, but I need the basics before I start that.

    Anyone have some good links? I'm interested in learning Linux and C (I already have an advanced knowledge of Java so theoretically I should be able to pick it up easily). Hope someone can help me - I know I came to the right place!
    - Stronzo

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    Try this link there's alot of info about getting started and even a few links to the "more advanced" topics



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    Hi Stronzo!

    Good day to you! Aside from the cool site given by Bad_Karma, here are some additonal cool links that would help you in Linux as well as in learning C:

    Have Fun!

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    I'm a newbie to RH myself. I found some interesting info at Hope this helps.
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    for your foray into C.
    your best bet, and I'm not trying to be a smartass, is go to and search for C will get a ton of links.

    as for learning linux:

    You are also at one of the best references for learning ask here in the *nix forums......
    or if you want to come and chat about it sometime.I am there mainly during the day, and there are plenty of others to talk to as well
    if you like, I have a 1500 page linux command reference book in .pdf format. email me or PM me if you are interested.
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    Depending on how serious you are about this, I seriously suggest you buy some hard copies about RH and C, this way you can carry them around with you and read them if you have some spare time, I do this with my Learning Red Hat Linux Special Edition, which is for RH 6.2. I carry it around with me to all me classes, and i usually get about 20 pages or so during the school day doing this. I also sometimes carry around Learning Perl with me (which I got from the library-haven't bought it yet). Only problem with buying these books is they usually run $30-55 each. I payed 45 for my Learning Red Hat Linux SE, about a 2 years ago, which I still read and am still glad I bought it.....
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