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    Dear All,

    I'm trying to find information about "ethical hacking" (for an essay), are there any good sources of information that you can recommend i.e. internet sites. I'm interested in finding exactly what ethical hacking is, so for example is it hacking illegal porn sites, or finding security holes in software so that they can be patched?

    Any help, advice or your opinions would be gratfully appreciated.



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    T6286 you have come to the right place to hear opinions on the ethics of hacking. Look no further than this thread.
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    Sorry about the late reply but thanks that was helpful. If anybody else is looking for ethical hacking or the different types of hacking (hacking culture) then go to this thread by Ennis:

    "Hacking Culture" by Ennis

    Thanks again.



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    i have read an article about hacking ethics... but i forgot the site(link)... it was written by "eric raymond".
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