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Thread: Modem commands

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    Modem commands

    Has anyone ever heard of AT commands? You know the commands sent by ur computer to ur modem telling it to dial out hang-up etc? Having been trying for a while to figure out a way to send these commands to another computer remotely provided I know the IP address but can't seem to find a way Anyone know of how this can be done - even a link to tutorial on the subject would be appriciated as I can't seem to find any that actually make any sense/are any good.

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    i believe hyperterm can send at commands
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    yes i have heard of AT commands but don't know how they work exactly... they are used in serial port programming so if u search for some book on serial port programming in C ...i think that will be helpful...


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    i think at commands come from something haynes?? that's the name that comes to mind.. i think only modems use it and in order to send it to another computer you'd need a program on that computer that can use the serial port or that can send commands to an internal modem.. i know there's a virus that sends the info on this as it's email when it spreads, i got it from a friend and was curious because they can't even use telnet let alone know anything about modem commands. i have a book that came with my external and i think all the commands are mostly generic so i can post them if you want

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    i don't think that there is any other software through we can use these modem commands but these commands are written in C they are used in C programming onyl..

    then also if will be good if u post them on this thread .lets see if we get any idea from that...tazjam

    your posting will be apprecieated....

    thank u


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    i'll look up the commands this afternoon and post them, but those commands aren't only for c programming. most modems use those commands, at least commercial ones, and that's how windows, linux and many other OS's communicate with modems. you send a text message over a serial connection to the modem, this is for externals, and when you send AT[something] it responds by following the command. i'm currently working on making a program to send things over a serial connection for a grand project in my science course, and the basic debugging one i made to find out the protocol the connection uses can be used to send commands to modems too.

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    here they are, they're called the Hayes AT commands, follow the link. it has all the commands and more.

    Hayes AT Commands

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    Damn, it's been a long time since I thought about those things...
    I used to use those AT commands all of the time back in the BBS days when I was in high school to connect to the University's BBS...had to do it all manually, too, as the software to connect to anything like that was not available to, I had forgotten all about those times...good post!

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    1.) There is not need to send them somewhere else than your OWN Modem.
    2.) I know of no way to send such command to another computer.

    You COULD hack something up like a server on the remote machine, that would accept connections from your machine and then send the command to the modem on the remote side, but what for???

    The Hayes AT Comamnds are the "language" you use to talk to your Modem and tell it what to do. Like to dial (ATD) ot ro hangup (ATH) or stuff like that...
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    Thanx for replying - has given me alot more now to think about
    Hopefully I'll be able to make a bit more progress now!

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