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Thread: Win XP bypasses

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    Win XP bypasses

    I have heard of a boot disk that allows you to bypass the login prompt of Win2k and loads a basic user account. I am wondering if there is a similar thing for WinXP. Also wondering where i can get it.

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    Ive not seen that one if it exists, you can always install another OS to a different directory and access anything not in an encrypted file system though. Obviously the OS will have to depend on the format of the root partition etc if its ntfs you will need something that can interpret it properly

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    A carefully crafted Linux boot floppy can be used to read NTFS partitions.

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    for a linux boot disk that will load most file systems try Trinux . don't know how many people use it or like it but it's neat and has lots of little add-on packages. loads off a cd or floppy boot disks and is a complete linux OS that runs in memory. i think there's a kernel for every file system type that you want to access, you just have to specify it when it loads

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