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Thread: school serverˇˇˇ

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    Angry school serverˇˇˇ


    i have a great problemˇˇ

    the server in my university don't let that i download mp3 archives neither mp3 engines, i need to know how i can download music again

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    is it that the servers will not allow files of type .mp3 to pass or have they blocked the ports used by the popular p2p programs.
    You could try really sharing the mp3 files you already have with the other people on campus, they could do the same. take some time to copy your CDs into an mp3 format and encourge others to do the same. your all smart people, it's a university
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    Wow, only the programmer in me understood that post! Sorry, had to make a jab at the spelling/structure as you're a university person, hehe...

    Anyways, onward to your problem!

    1: if they've blocked the ports used by a majority of the p2p programs, either you A: find a program that allows you to change the port range or B: like Tedob1 said, share the ones you have over the LAN.

    2: if they've blocked the extension (rather lame if you ask me), then it's fairly simple to change the extension to something else (simple rename) and then change it back when it's done.
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