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Thread: something fun pl33z.

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    something fun pl33z.

    Ok, I'm a fr33kin newb3, but you guys (real h/p's, not the ph0ny lamrz) are really fun so I want to be like you. I promise I will use the 'force' only for good things. I started reading articles and tutorials prolifik-ly about a year ago but theory is much different than practice. I usually read (a lot) before I ask, but I just want to throw this out there...I want to get started in 'doing'...I want to do my first hack and Impress a good friend of mine who has several machines (nix, os2, windowz) networked at home and running ftp from there. What I want to do is 1) get root access to his apache web server and tw33k his page or 2) use my ftp account on his serv-U box to get full access to the network and thus access the web page and tw33k.
    All in good educatiuonal fun, guys. No viruses, trojans, loggers or any other crap. He will be informed of any progress, duh, and has actually "challenged" me to try. So, where do I start? Telnet? I have access too bot Unix and Win os's, but very little skilz
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    (first of all i know some of you dont like the excessive slang that i have used in my past posts so im gonna clean it up a bit) im sort of a newbie (i signed up in sept but i never got the time to read and to post until late nov) too and to tell u the truth, i want to learn some of this stuff too. my dad has been gettin hit with a lot of virii lately and i really want to help him out. i already know a couple of programming languages like a little bit of c++, java, html, and vb6 so i just need to know where to get started. dont worry, im not goin to turn into some sadistical hacker, i just wanna help mah dad out and learn more about computers.
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    if you want to get rid of virii get unix/linux
    getting *nix and learning it is a real good way to learn computers and os and such

    or get a real good anti-virus program
    disable java and activex in your web browse
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    unless the sender has told you they have sent you something but still scan it
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    there is nobody to hold your finger and teach u so u are your own teacher and the best support to this teacher is the books.
    read as much as u can and make mistakes ....because u learn from mistakes. first try to break in to your own puter ...and u will learn....!!!


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    two things i'll say: you learn by your own and you are bastards.

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    start with getting lot's of info on the system your friend is running:
    I'am sure there is some hole he doesn't know about
    but I'am not going to post a tutorial to help you out

    knowledge is power

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    I agree with Victor.....Finger printing is the first step in gaining more access to any system.I recommend a book i have started reading, "Hacking Exposed" it pretty much gives you a step by step tutorial of hacking in general. Also, obviously your freind trusts you. 90% of hacking is exploiting trust.
    You mentioned Telnet.Kick down that front door. You can also do this with FTP. I suggest using Brutus. Good little proggy. Very easy to use. But remember your cracker is only as good as your wordlist. Also in this word list since you know the guy put in personalized words such as his girlfreinds name his b-day, his dogs name ect. How ever this can be noticed quickly. So if his PW is SO secure that no matter how big your wordlist is, you can't crack it try somethin eles.
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    Here is the exact reference:

    Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions, Third Edition by Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray, and George Kurtz
    ISBN: 0-07-219381-6


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    Post Read

    Ah...the young neophyte on a quest for knowledge...

    Tell you what kid. Read, read...then read some more...and then finally when your eyes are all bloody and your hands are shaking from clicking and turning some more. And that, my friend, is how you teach yourself how to become a hacker/cracker/phreaker, whatever you want to be. And another thing: qu1t w17h 7h3 ub3r 1337 74l|<1ng, 17 ju57 m4|<35 57uff h42d32 70 234d. Thats all. Learn programming, even HTML. Learn prefixes, think up of anologies (HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language i.e.).
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