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Thread: dat files and Madden 2002

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    Question dat files and Madden 2002

    hey does anyone have Madden Nfl 2002 for pc? apparently there are two files that come with this program that "convert files from ps2 data to pc data" i want to know what it does/how it works. i got one of the two files from my RA who downloaded a warez version but deleted after giving me only one file because it "took up too much hard drive space in his ram..." stupid kid. now because his was warez.... i don't know if the dat files were for the pc version... or if some one amazingly smart ripped the ps2 version....but we shall see. so if any one has Madden 2002, i would like the file : soundps2.dat Thanks everyone.

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    i'm pretty sure my bud has the game
    ill have to track him down and talk to him
    but i can get it if he has it
    if someone else has it
    go ahead and take theirs cause hes home for the weekend and wont be back at school til nexty week
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