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Thread: Automatic Rebooting

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    Automatic Rebooting

    Alright, here is yet another Win2k issue I am having:

    First of all, I am running Win2k Pro, SP2, 700mhz Athlon, yada yada yada. Here is the problem: Randomly, my computer will automatically reboot itself. I'm talking, the screen goes black, and it restarts. I am not downloading anything, doing anything odd or out of the ordinary, it just reboots.

    Lately, I have been noticing that it is happening when I am using Dreamweaver or running an asp script, or doing something that involves webpage design, web server, etc., which I know seems random. Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this?

    Any help or light would greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks again.
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    I'd guess your machine is set to reboot automatically when it crashes - you can check this by right clicking my computer, advanced tab, startup and recovery - within here there is a box under system failure which says "automatically reboot" - this may be checked.
    Of course the important question is whats causing the error to make your system fail? Have you updated any drivers, installed any new apps? Have a look here -

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    It could also be the power supply. When the cpu fails to recieve the power good signal from the power supply its resets itself(this is waht the reset button on the computer does it interupts that signal. If it is not the OS then have it checked out.

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    well im my case.. it was a power surge.. coz we get 1 second blackouts here.. but it doesnt happen every day..

    coz before.. my computer restarts all by itself.. and im wondering why it happens.. even if i just turned it on.. it restarts.. so i had a hunch it could be the power...

    so i attatched a "Volmeter" , its a gadget to measure the amount of volts passing through a circuit, to my power cord and added some red lights to it.. so that if da power goes down.. the meter goes to zero and the red light lights up..

    and it did.. one day.. the red light blinked.,.. and my computer restarted...

    so i called our power plant company and told them my problem.. and they said its the cables.. so they replaced the cables..

    and since then.. i never had that problem..

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    My girlfriend was experiencing very similar problems. She uses Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. However, in her case it was not the OS or software that was causing the problem. I had built her computer without sufficient cooling and it was simply overheating. I added fans directly to the hardrive and two more for the chassis. This effectively resolved the rebooting issue. I hope this works for you
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    Sounds like either heat or power.

    If it were the system rebooting itself after a failure, you would see a blue screen and memory dumb, not just a blank screen followed by booting.

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    It's a question of heat, my box did the same under Win2k.
    A couple of coolers could fix the problem.

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    Exclamation Happened here to

    That has actually happened to me before and mostly when i use Adobe Photoshop,flash,paintshoppro,or even a asp script like you said except only differnce is i am running win98... My computer was factory bought so i would imagine i am getting suffcient cooling and i know its not the power here well i dont know but seriously doubt it is... Could it be some software or what??? Oh yeah i get that bluescreeen everytime mine does it? Any help out there fore me?


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    i have win98, but when my brother goes onto word whomp my computer screen will turn black and reboot. does anyone know how i can keep this from happening?

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    Originally posted by KloWn
    Oh yeah i get that bluescreeen everytime mine does it? Any help out there fore me?
    Have you tried adding more RAM to your comp? I used to crash a lot while multitasking (also on Win98) due to the RAM being eaten up by the multiple programs that I would run at once (supposedly). I upgraded to 256MB from the factory installed 64MB of RAM, and the problem hasn't happened since. I figure that it's crashing was the comp basically saying "Ok, that's enough, I'm tired, **** you, I quit"
    Just an idea.

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