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Thread: The Rise And Fall of the Greek Genius.

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    Post The Rise And Fall of the Greek Genius.

    The Misinterpretation of Greek Geniuses and its disastrous Consequences.

    The Rise and Fall of a misinterpreted Greek Genius.

    Book 1. Intro.

    In the first year of the new AO forums, the Greeks tricked the enemy into bringing a colossal nitwit within the walls of AO. The AO'ers had no idea that a Greek Genius was hidden inside, under the command of Lameus. That night he emerged and opened the AO Pandora's box. AO was infested. Here ends the tale of the Greek Genius, as sung by the minstrel Negative.

    But let's go back to where it all begun...

    "Oh Goddess of Inspiration, help me sing of the Greek Genius, that master of disaster!" So Negative begins his epic, though the Genius himself is still offstage. We are treated to a glimpse of life among the supreme gods on Mount Lame. Urged on by Lameus, the god of lameness, they decide that the Greek Genius has been marooned too long on the schoolbanks. They decide to set him free...

    hi i need your help. i'm sebastos12 from greece, here we don't have your technology and hacking is easy because no one protect his/her computer with any software. so, now
    i'm beginner and i don't know much about hacking and i want to hack my school because my teachers are stupid. it is easy for you because they don't know anything about computers and they only tell us to write a text on computers. do you want to help me?
    The AO'ers know better than to refuse hospitality to a decent petitioner. They invite the Greek Genius to the banquet of bits and bytes which is in progress and promise him safe passage home after he has been suitably entertained.

    Book 2. No means no... or doesn't it?

    If you want you could make a new category of threads "Phreaking" because many people have a question about the new telephone technology and systems.
    JayPius, the King of the Gods, sends a messenger skimming over the wires on magic packets to the Greek Genius. The messenger speaks the magical words 'Thanks but no thanks'.
    The Greek Genius isn't happy about it, and does not give up.

    But, you can make this category because we will talk about how to stop these guys the phreakers.

    Okay, but you can make a thread about mobiles security.

    i mean general everything about mobile phones secrets and mobile hacking.
    The gods send down a nasty flame. The Greek Genius barely escapes with his life and washes ashore days later, half-drowned. He staggers into a virustree and falls asleep.

    Book 3. The Pandora Box - Preparations.

    Hey shut it up small guy

    Does anyone know, if i have the IP address of a server, could i get in the server and see (or copy) its files?

    What is TCP/IP and where i can download sub7?
    To fool his enemies, the Greek Genius decides to share some of his extended knowledge with the AO'ers.

    I have other thing. It is a cool thing. If want to send an e-mail to block someone's e-mail address then you should do the following: Open the Outlook express -----> then go to the tools----->accounts---->Properties----->Advanced, then you will see down the word "send" you put tick to the following and put it to 24KB when you go to send an e-mail with attachement more than 24KB then you will send many e-mails. Try it.
    The AO'ers don't care...

    Book 4. The Prelude to Disaster. The Genius' evil intentions revealed.

    **** you

    If a find the guy who send me for an hour now negative points, i will kill>
    Forgive me pleaz. **** you

    NO replies on this thread. I'm very angry with many of you. Now you will see my real bad side of my CODE
    Book 5. The Book of Revelations: Pandora's box.

    Psalm 1: Pandora's box... the CODE.

    I heard from a GREEK site that a new virus called: "GONER" will come to Europe from America by e-mails and chat with IRC. This virus will come to your computer by e-mail which have the subject "Hi" and a screensaver file as attachment. Then the virus send this mail again to everyone on your e-mail address book. It deletes all the system files to work the computer normal, also it deletes many famous antivirus programs such as Norton Anti-virus an close all the programms. Finally this virus makes a "connection" which attacks to servers with the method "denial of service".
    Psalm 2: The source revealed.

    Oh yeah? Then see the virus GONER what could on this link
    Psalm 3: Ad infinitum.

    Book 6. The influence of Slipknot lyrics and its disastrous consequences on the lifes of 12-year old Greek Geniuses.
    The fall of the Greek Genius...

    you are all dead.

    you are ****ed

    Yeah? I have ****ed her 10 times, what you will do? Kill me.

    **** you bastard. stop saying stupid things.

    I'm bored with these long posts. **** YOU and especially you ****, i will **** you.
    Note: all original smilies were removed due to excessive use.

    All names, places and circumstances in this epic are fictional. Any coincidence with the names and circumstances of persons living or dead is therefore accidental.

    Greek Genius, you're a GONER...

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    Well negative I'am proud to be a Belgian...
    I just love your style.


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    Hey man, like Jerry Seinfeld you should get your own TV-show! That post was the funniest I've ever seen. Thanks for the laugh!

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    Exclamation HAHAHAHAHAHAA


    Dude...positive AntiPoints for that one Negative. That has got to be the funniest post I've read in months! Congrads Negative, and keep up the good work.
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    Wow! Can I have your autograph, Negative? And have you ever considered writing a book?

    That is a work of genius. Perhaps you can write "Flaming for Dummies" or "Learn How to Flame in 24 hours". Hehe.
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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    yes. chuck him the **** out.
    nobody likes the **** anyway.

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    Once again Negative has impressed the masse's with his elegant style of flaming.

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    Question G(r)eek Genius??

    JESUS, btw Sebastos(his name) means "respected".....


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    His name could better be RAKA (Hebrew for ... If you want to know you will have to check it)

    I'am flaming, I'am ashamed

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    back on top

    Negative, I must say this is a work of art!!! Just thought this one belonged on top.

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