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Thread: Need better Information

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    Need better Information

    Hey KaKaKool thanks for giving me the idea I totally forgot.

    Does anyone have any info on Nano Technologies. It would really help me out alot. This is not a joke it's a topic which I have to know more about but can't find any good info.

    I'm looking for mostly security info on Nano Technologies, but also like a rough view of what it is and some of the advantages and disavantages.

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    Does no one know what I'm talking about!

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    Well, talking about advantages and disadvantages for a technology field that hasn't really matured is a bit difficult. It's like saying...

    "Tell me about the advantages and disadvantages of warp drive."

    Except we've got a bit more of a start on it that we don on warp drive :P

    Well, nanotechnology is basically 'small things'. 'Nano' being one of those latin-y prefixes. Just as you have Kilo-bytes, and Mega-bytes, or centi-meters and milli-meters, you can have nano-meters, etc, which is 1x10^-9 meters. Anyway, this is really tiny.

    The premise of nanotechnology is to do things many times on a small scale. Instead of... say... burning the fuel, you could make little self-assembling machines smaller than you could see, and then they could build tiny engines...

    It's pretty vague. But imagine tiny machines which could grab oxygen molecules, and they only let go of the oxygen when they are inside a certain electromagnetic field... Easy way to filter oxygen from the air, eh? Just pump air into a pile of these things, pump the atmosphere out, and activate whatever-the-heck it is, and then you get a discharge of oxygen.

    To take another analogy, chip sizes. What could happen if you had processors with single-molecule transistors? You obviously couldn't make them with your hands or with the photographic methods they do today. But if you made machines to make smaller machines to make smaller machines that would build the transistors by moving molecules around...
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    both scientific america and popular science have had some pretty good articles on the subject.
    try searching their web sites.
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    Sorry didn't mean to be rude you guys, I only posted somthing that way it wouldn't get droped down to the end of the page.

    Well Terr your not that far off, It is possible to create machines that create machines that's already been done. Creating smaller and smaller machines would be impressive. I guess some disadvantages is being taken over by machines from an evil engineer. Or getting the ability that a machine can control your life. Maybe it is, oh gosh now it's sound like the matrix. That movie was sort of based off of what we are talking about.

    Also I guess an advantage would be effieciency, were already seeing that today in the server world. I say a server a couple of weeks ago. It was a square box about 1 foot high and wide it could serve 25 computers. My teacher is beta testing it.Forgot the damn but I'll get later if anyone wants to now.

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    Talking Nanomachines

    After reading this thread, I suddenly want to switch on the PS2 and start playing Metal Gear Solid 2 for the 100th time this week

    Seriously though, nanotechnology is very fascinating/bewildering. I hope to see it fully functional and in use (I imagine in the medical arts) before the end of my days.

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    Here is an article on nanocomputers if that helps;,48278,00.html

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    upside: being able to create insanely small and effecient things. as well as do some things which just arent possible now.

    downside: immagine when sombody makes a REAL virus using computers. the abilities of such small, inevitably computer controled(as everything is today), nano-bots under the control of some idiot cracker out to prove something, or even worse, the government.

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    Hi Freeon!

    Good day to you! Aside from the good explanations given by the other guys in this thread, you may want to check the following sites for more information on nanotech:


    The said urls will give you further understanding on nanotech. It contains aticles on the underlying concepts of nano science, analyzations, technological scope, etc.

    Have Fun!

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    If you're seriously interested in nanotechnology, The Foresight Institute have made one of their books available online. It can be found at:

    It's a good read.

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