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Thread: Is there a way to write message on a firewall popup?

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    Question Is there a way to write message on a firewall popup?

    Hey is there a way to write messages to a zonealarm pop-up
    I was thinking it would be kinda of cool to write somthing on a firewall popup. Like I'm pinging you to death and that's not my reall Ip address. lol.

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    well there is no normal way that i know of... i don't know that it is impossible though. it might be possible to write a prog that does that... but i don't know of any that currently exist. but there are no real limits on what is possible. almost anything is possible

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    I doubt it, unless you can reprogram it to do that. But then again, that might not be too smart. Firewalls usually aren't for custimization, but for good security (I hope at least). So that is probably not supposed be able to be done.
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