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Thread: IE vs. Netscape

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    IE vs. Netscape

    Which do you think is better? Which do you use more often? Which will take over the BATTLE OF THE BROWSERS! Which can have the most plug-ins? When will I shut up? You tell me...
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    i prefer IE coz Netscape always gives the that claustraphobic feeling..

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    Let's be honest. Who really *needs* plugins? The only ones I really have are flash/shockwave, and java.

    I say go with Opera. I migrated to it after IE became buggy and unstable on my system, and the only problems I've had with it are the fact that is doesn't seem to render the <body topmargin="" leftmargin=""> properties of my own page. Go figure.

    But it comes with a ton of useful features, and it isn't the same kind of bloat-ware that IE and netscape seem to have become. That is, it doesn't tangle up with your system, the cache and cookie stuff is all nice and easy, no weird folders, and it has a lot of time-savers like a hotkey for plugins/java/javascript/popup denial, etc.

    And did I mention that it isn't owned (yet? bawling) by MS or AOL/Time Warner.

    And it works on many different OSes.
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    In my experience, IE is better. Some bad page writing sometimes crashes the browser instead of a debug script popping up, but it happens three times more in Netscape. However, if IE breaks, the entire computer is toast.

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    The newest version of Netscape (6.2) is slower than previous versions. I have always prefered IE anyways though.
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    i used to be evenly split on the issue.... one way or the other, it didn't matter to me. i liked the style of ie better, but i preferred netscapes engine. (i also like NeoPlanet, which used the ie engine) but now.... netscape 6.2 is the worst ever. slower... the engine is ass backwards... just all around bad.... oh well...

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    i choose.... Kerburos. -=RH7.2=-
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    IE 6

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    So, IE crashes, NS6 is SOOOOO slow, why not try mozilla before netscape get too it, you might find you like it. The feature set is frozen now ready for a 1.0 release and it will take NS plugins (and even IE ones if you buy crossover from codeweavers). I have used mozilla since 0.7 and it's only been improving but I think that IE does have it's own advantages, itdoes suport VB scripts. Theres just too many browsers about, maybe I'll just go back to using lynx!

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    I prefer IE for Windows because it's mroe integrated and it seems faster. However, Linux is a different story altogether... I use Netscape 4.6 on Linux (I dont intend to upgrade to NS6... i tried it and it is unbelievably slow!)
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