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Thread: Linux is not more stable!!!!

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    Question Linux Software

    I've been using Linux and BSD a while now and I would like to know who has decided that there is so much more software available for windows? I personally have never found a job that I want to use a PC for where I can't find software for Linux. Not only that but alot of Linux software will run on *BSD, Solaris, AIX etc. either through Binary compatibility or re-compilation. I think this is great and would Like to see windows software do half of the things linux software can!
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    I found it hard to resist this thread, I was eyeballing it for more than a week, and this morning I gave in.

    The problem with this discussion is that the majority of the folks out there that really love Windows have never tried anything else.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about software not being available to Unix users. This is of course perpetuated by those who have never used Unix, and those who didn't learn anything when they did. The only problem a Unix user should have in finding software is deciding which software to use for a particular task. There are so many.

    Another observation is that quite a few self proclaimed `computer nerds' from the MS world utlimatley find out that they really don't know that much about networking, software, security , and hardware when they start using Unix. This is Ok, you are coming from an OS with cryptic error messages and you have never actually seen the OS do it's work before, welcome to Unix, there is a lot to learn.

    If your computer is crashing, there is something wrong with your hardware, or you have seriously hosed somehting up and have been messing with the system internals without reading the docs and knowing what you are doing. For audioluv I would suggest gettinga new power supply and see if that helps.

    If having to read documentation, not being able to get virus's, not being able to fill your system with spyware, having to learn something about computers and how they work, and being able to customize every aspect of the OS pisses you off, by all means return to Windows.

    For those of you who have never tried Linux, or did not make a serious effort at it, take my personal challenge to you. Put Linux on a partition on your computer, boot into Linux and stay there for 30 days, do not reboot, or boot into Windows for any reason for those 30 days. Learn to do all of the things that you do in Windows in Linux; email, surfing the web, playing quake, writing a letter or creating a spread sheet etc. Read the documentation, and actually attempt to learn to do all of those things you have known how to do in Windows for years. At the end of the 30 days, boot into Windows and stay there for a week. I think at that point you will pretty much know if Linux is for you, or that you are a Windows user by nature and should continue using it.

    Anyway.....Neat thread.
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    Even without any protection, the last ftp server I ran had an uptime of 215 days...

    Then we pulled the plug, after complaints about some divx's in our upload box.

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