Following reading Remote_Access_'s attempt at copying and pasting from various web sites, which I thought was just about OK until i finished reading it... I have decided to write my own newsletter. It has nothing to do with AntiOnline, I am not claiming to be writing it for or on behalf of AntiOnline, but It will hopefully contain some genuinely original articles, written by me, such as my Installing Linux article, which I posted last week.

I will post a zip file of this newsletter to AntiOnline this time around, and I will post subsequent issues if people think the first one was worth-while. I will also post the newsletter to my own web site,

The second half of this post was from an idea by MsMittens.
Before making a post, can I recommend that:
1) You read to make sure the same thing has not been said elswehere
2) When writing the post, avoid use of foul language unless it is absolutely necessary
3) Don't flame "hacking hotmail" questions, just let them drop
4) Explain in as much detail as you can what your question or problem is - we are not psychic and therefore cannot answer a question just by telepathically communicating with your computer!

I'm sure there's more, but thats the main stuff I can think of for now.