As I was sorting through my logs, I noticed my disk space where apache lives to be a little bit more used. Further exploring showed my error_log to be a whomping 47 megs. Considering this is a private box with no usage to the outside, that's quite a bit. So, let's go see what's up, shall we?

# cd /var/www/logs
# ls -l error_log
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4796632 Dec 9 13:49 error_log

# grep 'cmd.exe' error_log | wc -l

Now, I ask you...what's the most direct course of action against this? It's not really slowing me down but man, if it isn't annoying. If I add it to ipchains, the IP table will be HUGE for input deny so I'm not sure what else would be effective (per comparison against ipchains).
Suggestions? Oh, it's a nice thing to see these idiot NT boxes trying against a *NIX box...they'll never take me!