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Thread: What did you guys think of my

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    Question What did you guys think of my

    Just Curious I went to my website today and I found an extra 200 hits. I was thinking it might be busted but I remebered that I put it on my signature. I figured someone here had to go and see it.

    Anyway what did you think of it, I know it needs alot of work but I'm working on it. Since I don't have a guest book I wouldn't know. I'm very new to website design and adding stuff. So I was wondering if people would like to tell me what are the tools they know of or use that could help me out with my site. Also anything else that might be helpfull.

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    If you hate the page generator, why not just write the HTML manually? I'd take notepad over any HTML generator any day. You also need to center the table. I took the liberty of saving your code and adding the center tags to see what it looks like, and I think they make it look a lot better. I also think a better background would be a big help, as it looks kinda plain to me.

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    Hey stflook I'm doin it tonight I finally had to pay 12.00 for unlimited space. I found this awsome html editor called MatrixY2k I think it's the first version. I got it from This thing really kicks ass. Just to let you guys no.

    By the way thanks Stflook for the advice. I know I've been talking about this crap for a while so thanks. I only re-did the first page today I'm going to work on it tonight with the Html-editor and post it up tommorow.

    Anyone else

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    Smile Freeon's website

    I thought you had a nice start there, Freeon. Your list of links is useful. The purpose of the site is good too.

    Since you aren't crazy about AOL, why not build your site elsewhere, where you can have more freedom of design? If anyone can recommend a good (lovely if it is free) website host that doesn't require obnoxious ads, please advise - I use tripod and they have banners and pop up ads.

    I switched earlier this year from WYSIWYG tools to pure HTML. I use Arachnophilia as a text editor (available as a free download from has a 10 week free course in HTML that they call "HTML 101" and it is very good. I took it to brush up and build on my basic skills. After you take it, you take an exam (also free) and get a certification. Building from HTML is very satisfying.

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    16 and also have some good tutorials on all aspects of web design. Also, liked your sites content, especially the links.

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    Hi Freeon!

    Good day to you! It's a good start for you! I like the black background. I would suggest that you used buttons for the links and sections of your site.

    Have fun!

    "I expect to pass through this life but once. Therefore, if there be any kindess I can show, or any good thing I can do for another human being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again."...William Penn

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    Re: Freeon's website

    Originally posted by Maxixe
    If anyone can recommend a good (lovely if it is free) website host that doesn't require obnoxious ads, please advise - I use tripod and they have banners and pop up ads.
    i use its free and it has no popup ads in your personal page , but it does have a few when you are uploading things.. its pretty good though sometimes a little slow

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