now i had some fun descussions with some of the networking d00ds i know here in AO and i want to have more.. hehe

now before i posted the question:

If Computer 1 has an ip address of and a subnet mask of

and computer 2 as an ip address of and has a subnet mask of

would computer 1 consider computer 2 as part of its subnet even that computer 1 has a Class B subnet mask and computer 2 has a Class A subnet mask?

coz on class B ( what matters is the 1st 2 octaves which is in this case and since the first 2 octave of computer 2 is exactly thesame to computer 1, then computer 1 would consider computer 2 as part of its subnet...

is my theory correct?
and hantiz replied to me:

Ok, first of all, I think that you should always have ClassC subnet with classeC adresses otherwise you are messing up with others upper adresses with subnets.

You should probably revisit that theory with adresse on classe A, like 10.XX.XX.XX

Secondly lets get deeper into that theory :

Computer 1
C0 A8 0F 01
FF FF 00 00
Net 1 = C0 A8 00 00
Net 1 broadcast = FF FF 00 00

Computer 2
C0 A8 02 0D
FF 00 00 00
Net 2 = C0 00 00 00
Net 2 broadcast = FF 00 00 00 00

So :

when computer 1 wants to speek to C2, it's ok, it doesn't need to jump through gateway (for him, everything starting with 192.168 is on the same network)

when computer 2 wants to speak to C1, it'ok, it doesn't need to jump through gateway (for him, everything starting with 192 is on the same network)

The problem is more situated on broadcast....

C1 will receive C2 broabcast
C2 will not receive C1 broadcast......

This could be a BIG REAL problem !
and i do agree with that... now realizing what the bottleneck is.. i came up an idea last night while i was sitting on my roof drinking some vodka...

how bout if i use a gateway to redirect the broadcast of C1 to C2?
get me?? im thinkin of using a gateway to make C2 recieve the broadcast of C1.. im thinkin that would be deffinately possible..

so all i need now are the settings.. can anyone here give me the settings or configurations that i need to set up on the gateway to make this theory possible? say.. the IP address of the gateway?

anything.. im open to any suggestions..

coz C1 and C2 in real life are not just one computer.. C1 and C2 are small networks connected to a bigger network..