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Thread: Dumb Ass Flip!!!!

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    Angry Dumb Ass Flip!!!!

    YOU'RE JUST ASHAMED OF YOUR MOTHERLAND!!!!!!! You WHITE WASH lil punk!!!!! i don't hate white races or any other races..... i just don't like them flips that poses like they ain't brown!!!!! FLIP PRIDE!!!

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    hahaha like i said.. im not degrading my mother land but it is the TRUE facts.. that some of you are just too blind to see..

    prolly because u were just born there have havent lived there for 16 years.. or ur juz one of those rich kidds who have no idea what is going on around you.

    open your eyes.... and listen to the music..

    go back to phils and ask someone on the street if what im saying is true.. surely they will agree with me 100%

    and i should know more coz i worked my arse for the govt for 2 years as their private military.

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    what are you talking about... what that flame for?! can you share it with me...
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    your facts about phil not having the best technology might be right but when you talk about intellegence and ****.... get your facts straight!!!!! .... if FLIPS doesn't have the intellegence then explain to me how they invented the flourescent light and flips came up with the idea of using water for gas but they sold that idea to AMERICA!!!! and if FLIPS doesn't have the intellegence then you just telling everyone that you don't have the intellegence too coz youre a FLIP MAN!!!

    FACT: phil doesn't have the right techonology coz PHILS is a third world country!!! its a poor country for ****s sake but if PHILS was
    a rich country like AMERICA then people won't be as dumb as you think they are!!!

    FACT#2: people working for PHIL government corrupted their own country coz they're too greedy!!!!!

    next time you tell facts to these AO people... you should tell the real truth!!! not just the half way truth!!

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    Please explain???
    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    what the **** are you talking about?

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    it has nothing to do with security!!

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    u know that its ppl like u that give flips a bad rep. y did u come into this forum to post stuff like this? from a fellow brown pacific islander (indonesian), i completely understand where your coming from and you dont need to express your views like this.

    dont even try to talk about government corruption because indonesia has it much worse than phil (we've gone thru 3 presidents in the last 5 years or so due to corruption). we're a third world country too. look at your shoes, they were probably made by my relatives so dont even go around acting like youre a hardcore flip. in addition, you would be surprised about how hard people work in those countries because of the lack of education. o yea, gimme a break with the technology stuff. if you look in the right places, u can find plenty of stuff there that is more technologically advanced than america. you just cant label everything stereotypically.

    dont even get me started on the stereotyping that people have on flips. people generalize that you guys are cocky and that u guys think that you are better den all da other races. of course der are a majority of flips that arent like this (as i said, this is just a stereotype, not a fact). you just proved that stereotype rite with all this "flip pride" business.

    another thing,i hate that term "white wash." just because they arent as close with their heritage as you doesnt mean that u have to flame on them. just be proud of where your heritage is and respect people for their own lifestyles.
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    Heads up for all the people who've been in America their whole lives, mentally and otherwise... (Well, to be fair, I wouldn't be so sure about what this thread was about if I hadn't seen this arguement in other threads)

    I think they're talking about the Philippines. A group of many (about 7000) small islands that is just to the south of Taiwan and a bit farther east of Vietnam. I've been there before, but it was quite a while ago.

    I think Smiley thinks that Sonic has been bashing his native country, because Sonic has been mentioning governmental corruption.

    So, basically, it has nothing to do with security, so I wish this was in Chit Chat, rather than Misc Security Discussions... It has more to do with politics, nationalism, revisionism, and flames.
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    ...and Terr comes to the rescue and explains everything!
    now why don't smil3y and sonic just be friends! Happy happy! Keep these politcal arguments out of AO!!

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