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Thread: Favorite sport

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    Favorite sport

    I know this has nothing to with security but I was talking to a friend in Finland so I thought I'd ask....What is your favorite sport?? and team??

    Mine is football(USA) I played in Finland,US team's that I like are the Falcons(I know) and the Raiders..
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    everybody here loves piko^... and i really like it... my team is "kwantikil"
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    I know the Americans say that its a pussy sport but my favourite sport is Soccer or football as we call it over here in Ireland, and if it is a pussy sport then why is it the most popular sport in the world, the USA team lie somethin like eight in the world rankings, that is amazing.
    Also i like American Football but i rarely get to see it, and ice hockey is good

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    Protocool - what's piko?

    If soccer is for wusses, that's nothing compared to my fave sport, known as the Cinderella sport - cycle racing (push bike variety). It's definitely not as easy as it looks. Then motorcycle racing.

    Two wheels good - four wheels bad. Lol

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    photoshop tennis

    scca racing : autocross
    heh. i like four wheels.
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    it's all about Rugby if you ask me! GO OLD BLUE!
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    I gotta go with the colder side and say Hockey...Especially the Olympic variety...A close second would be Futbol.

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    Hmm, I will probably be the only one to say this because it is not a really popular sport, but my favorite one is Badmington.
    I have tried a lot of others sports but it is the single which continue to passionate me years after years.
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    As far as playing sports goes, I love my hockey. As far as WATCHING sports goes, American football/college for me.

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    Well I love and play CRICKET

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