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Thread: mIRC, Chat? or Fserv?

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    mIRC, Chat? or Fserv?

    Okay, My question is for all you who use IRC..

    Do you use it for Chat, Porn, Porn Chat, Or Both? is one of the best networks ive seen for IRC mainly because most the ircops dont give a hell what u do, the services are easly dropped, and the biggest channels are all java app. newbies. Oh yes any my fav thing of it all, The "1337 |=|4X0R$" are turkey and think subseven, GT (global threat), Litmus, And even X-Flooder are l33t.

    Well i hang in #clubhit there..
    do stop by

    lets just not start any lame crap, the turkeys do that enough


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    I use it for chatting in AO,, 2600 places like that. I'm sorta new to IRC so I don't know all the tricks but the mIRC was impressive for me and I've already made a program for it. So I like it and I think porn is kind of boring except when you find some really funny ****. It's amazing what some of those girls will do. I don't know but to me the porn on the net is boring and I would rather go out and get a real one lol..

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    chit chat

    what does this have to do with programming security... perhaps i'm not following! I use irc to chat nothing more... if anyone cares

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    I used mIRC until my coputer decided to destroy both operating systems and all my files on it. I used it for AO and other misc chat rooms.
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    I use mIRC to chat in AO, and thats all.

    Recently (like last night), I was introduced to a new chat client called HyperChat..
    Its creators are Millennium Crew..

    I'd recommend people check it out.. it has lots of cool features such as being able to find users on the server, and it provides what could best be said to be a full discussion suite, as it has lots of chatrooms available.
    and another plus.... it looks so pretty..
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    IRC IRC IRC!!!
    Never doubt the greatness of IRC!
    As far as mIRC, I like the ease of it but I prefer the more K-l33t way of chatting, just use telenet or unix IRC or whatever comes with Linux.
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    IRC for AO chat [of course] and another group of friends I have, dont enjoy IRC all that much but it is a good way to pass time and get info FAST!

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    I got the RFC for irc right here as an attachment. its too big to post! It's full of good info

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    use mirc for chat
    sometimes try to cause so trouble with ircops but they K-line me
    bounce solves the problem
    ahh and sometimes try to crash the ircd but just to show them the security holes

    just to pass time
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