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    Question Forged Headers

    I have a Windows 98 PC. My ISP has chosen to force the use of the Oganization field when I post to newsgroups with their company logo. I am looking for a way for me to forge something else in that field like my Organizaion name. Is it possible to do?
    Is there some way that I can modify this field before the post goes out?

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    Lightbulb Use the force

    Of course it's possable. I'm not exacally sure how though. You need to give more details. Are you useing outlook express? Web based email? But more importantly, did you use the force?


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    Question I am Using Netscape Or Outlook....

    What ever is the easiest of course. I do use from time to time. But mainly I use Netscape 4.76 that is.

    Thanks for your response in advance,


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    How would they force a header on something if they didn't know what it was? Just get another server address that lets you post to newsgoups. What's the name of the news server you use now? Chances are it's * or something like that? I think that's how they would change that sort of thing, but i'm not sure.

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    if this is a message board and not an actual news group using NNTP the only way would be to replace the server side scripts with your other words no, not with out going to jail.
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