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Thread: Santa Claus and Security

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    Cool Santa Claus and Security

    Ok, just got bored so here is why I don't trust Santa Claus
    [list=a][*]He sees me while i'm sleeping.[*]Hundreds of elves...One old man.[*]Has anyone actually seen Mrs. Claus?[*]Dancer, Prancer,Vixen, One fat guy in his p.j.'s[*]He calls it Naughty.[*]I have no fireplace yet he can still get in.[*]He only talks to children:On his lap.[*]He only comes out at night.[*]Fluent in every language, No green cards.[/list=a]
    Just a few thoughts ..15 more days.
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    j. He's still alive
    k. How can a man that fat fit down a chimney?
    l. He goes by many names, why can't he stick with one?
    m. He's so afraid of people seeing him at night...yet he sits in the mall for all the little kiddies to sit on his lap.
    n. He feeds only once a year, and then only on milk and cookies.
    o. He lives on the North Pole. The north pole isn't solid land.

    But whatever, he's still a cool guy.
    Why am I still here?

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    true true

    not only that, but he's a blood (gang) [get it? cuz he wears red]

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