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    Greetings everyone. I've recently been assigned to do my finals over what is refered to an Entity Relstionship Diagram. (ERD)
    Durring this time that i was enrolled in the course, I had a 4.0 grade point adverage. (GPA) Untill i made my final presentation. What happend? Well, I know how to create an ERD from an interview with a client. I and the rest of my group were given a writen copy of a practice interview. I knew how to do the work. I could have aced the test and passed with flying colors... but i made a fatal error. I had a week to do this presentation and i lost my paper (the interview)... no biggie, i just called a fellow in the group and i get wonderful news. He and the rest of the group informed me that i no longer needed to continue my work on the project. "Why not?" i asked. "Well", they said, "we have worked on it in a group and we've already went over everything. All you have to do is read what we have and we'll be set." I replied, "Great, I'll see you guys next week".......
    Next week, I made a complete ass of myself. i seem to do that alot. Anyway, the techer passed out the answer key so we could compare what the ERD looked like.... and to my surprize, my group had the worst ERD i have ever seen. It was terrible. After class i prepared for the worst and asked how we did... we got a 50%... and i was glad cuz that was just being generous. I was thankful that we got that. My adverage droped to a B+ which still isn't bad. But the moral of the story is that you shouldn't let others do work that you can very easily do for yourself. Doing so results in more accurate results and you can't blame anyone but yourself. Why? Cuz you can honestly say that it was you who did it. I was asked a question regarding our ERD and i went into shock. I had no clue WTF they had prepared but it wasn't what i expected.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Buddy, the key word is BACKUP!!!, backup your work on your own email, your web site, floppies, CDs, tapes, hard copies, etc.

    Always make backups....

    Have you heard about Murphy's law???.
    Todo lo que no me mata me hace mas fuerte...

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    Lightbulb Re: Murphy's Law

    Yes, of course it's easy to look into the past and ask one's self, "Why didn't I do this?" or "Why didn't I do that?" But you have a good point. I should have brought what i had to show i actually put some effort into it. My work alone was worth at least a 70%... but it's no one's fault other than mine.


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