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Thread: Im stuck with a stupid bug...

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    Unhappy Im stuck with a stupid bug...

    Ok.. i have a little problem.. its been 1 week now since ive been havin this problem and well.. its annoying the hell out of me..

    My computer crashes/freezes everytime i shut it down. so i tried to look for the reason.. i checked the crashguard logs and i found this...

    ReportedBy=CrashGuard v4.0.1
    ReportDate=12/11/01 7:03:13 PM
    ProgramDate=04/23/99 11:22
    WindowTitle=Program Manager
    LastMsg=(00000000, 0000, 00000000, 00000000)
    REGS:EAX:00400000 CS=018f EIP=0043d526 EFLGS=00010206 EBX=00445aa4 SS=0197 ESP=0242feec EBP=00000000 ECX=00000002 DS=0197 ESI=00445aa8 FS=4e2f EDX=004479cc ES=0197 EDI=004399cc GS=0000
    CSEIP=80 71 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    Stack=7ff38ae8 0043d518 816c0e84 004399c8 004399cc 00000000 7ff380f8 7ff387b3 7ff380f8 00000000 00000000 004399c4 816c0e84 7ff388aa 7ff6690f 004399c4

    Can anyone tell me what this means and how i can fix it?

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    As far as I can tell from this, Explorer throws an error #c0000005 at you. I've searched for this error at both Symantec (CrashGard) and Microsoft Knowledge base, but it remains vague to me. I think it's some sort of "I'm stopping this process but I don't know why" error.

    Anyway, to fix it, first, I'd try running windows update, and install all critical packages. If that doesn't work, I usually just reinstall windows - I know that's rather drastic, but I always have something like a ghostimage ready.

    Good luck

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    I found crashguard to cause more problems than it fixed, try removing just the symatec software (not anti-virus just the other stuff) and see if that helps.
    You haven't mentioned what flavour of m$ your using, try Win98SE if possible as thats the most stable non-NT m$ OS I've used.

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    I'd agree with Jamie there, any experience i've had with software of that ilk has been bad.
    Windows is well known for its shutdown problems - have a look here -;EN-GB;q202633

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    Yes. In all my experience with Crashguard, it has caused more problems than it has fixed, just as they have said above.

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    In my experiance with CrashGuard I have found that it crashed windows more than it actually helped it. I agree with jcdux get rid of it and you will get better results
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    Exclamation Shutdown

    I have yet to find a version of windows that allways shuts down happily, I used to just accept it but then I got Linux, there are a couple of things that I found helpful.
    -The lightstep project (replace the windows desktop)
    -Deleting autoexec.bat and config.sys - this stops DOS being useful but did make the computer start up and shut down really fast
    Hope this helps!
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