I have had a hard time getting the experience necessary to get a job even with an associate degree and some certifications, so I decided to go out and get my own experience by buliding my own client/server tcp/ip network. After a trip to an auction held by the government of Kansas I aquired 2 windows NT machines with 200 mhz Pentium 2 processors. I already had a box running windows 98se, and a box running mandrake linux 8.1. I hope to use the linux box as the network server, and I know that the linux box and the windows 98 box can share files, but I heard that microsoft added something to NT that wont allow you to use samba to share files. If so what is the fix? I would go ahead and install linux on these machines, but I wish to learn about using NT and what security threats are present for an NT system. Also running a network with three operating systems seems like much more of a challenge and I like challenges.