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Thread: Chat Nazi

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    Talking Hmmm....?...Wasn't That A Title of a...

    Hmmm... Wasn't that a title of a "B" movie back in the 60's: "All Chat Nazis Must Die!"....or was that Surf Nazis? Ah...doesn't matter, does it? A Nazi by any other name is... LOL ROFLMAO...

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    I was the one that said Pooh was a bleeding heart. ME. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it until Pooh proves me wrong(which hasn't happened thus far).

    And as far as being upset about name calling Pooh, aren't you the one that throws around the word "wanker", last I heard that was an insult.

    So ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?

    hmmmm. no insult intended just like I said in the walker thread, you are what you are. Why not just accept it.

    Just so that the story is clear I don't have a thing against Europeans, I do have a problem with people not living in the real world.


    P.S. Sorry I caused sooooo much grief, I guess I can push people's buttons pretty well. HUH? *wink* *wink*
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    Yeah I would just like to say that he doesn't give me any ops when I ask him to.

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    Sniffle Freeon, I am going to cry you a trail of tears
    You\'re either a 0 or a 1, alive or dead

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    a testimony from antichat

    16:39] <Louie> haha
    [16:39] *** Louie was kicked by AntiChat (AntiBot says it's not smart to flood #AntiOnline)
    [16:39] *** AntiChat sets mode: +b *!*@198EA2E8.ACE2B0E6.13457FC3.IP
    [16:39] *** Joins: Louie (Louie@198EA2E8.ACE2B0E6.13457FC3.IP)
    [16:39] *** Louie was kicked by AntiChat (You are banned)
    [16:39] <hogfly> bwahahah
    [16:39] *** Joins: dhej (dhej@6EFFC71.198663DD.1279C059.IP)
    [16:39] *** RogueSpy sets mode: -b *!*@198EA2E8.ACE2B0E6.13457FC3.IP
    [16:39] <sparky3223> hmmm
    [16:39] <@RogueSpy> lmao!!!
    [16:39] <@RogueSpy> Louie got banned!!!
    [16:39] <sparky3223> will louie make it back in?
    [16:40] <@RogueSpy> yeah
    [16:40] <@RogueSpy> he is an OPER
    [16:40] *** RogueSpy sets mode: +o Negative
    [16:40] *** AntiChat sets mode: -o Negative
    [16:40] <+Negative> blah
    [16:40] *** Joins: Louie (Louie@198EA2E8.ACE2B0E6.13457FC3.IP)
    [16:40] *** AntiChat sets mode: +b *!*@198EA2E8.ACE2B0E6.13457FC3.IP
    [16:40] *** Louie was kicked by AntiChat (banned: AntiBot says it's not smart to flood #AntiOnline)
    [16:40] <+antihaxor> lets see how long it takes
    [16:40] <sparky3223> counting

    WHY LOUIE WHY???? lol

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    Why not!

    I could of killed the Bot and had JP bitch slap me!
    You\'re either a 0 or a 1, alive or dead

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    Thumbs down chat nazi

    chat nazi is a smart ass! ! and does nothing but abuse any power he thinks he might have and he can kiss my ass

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    U guys really wanna know the truth?

    all AO members on IRC including ops and normal users are mentally ill.. thats right.. mentally ill.. including me...


    God we need help... lmao..

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