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Thread: NetBIOS?

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    I've never used NetBIOS and honestly don't really know what it is for. what can you do with it and how?
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    Talking Re: NetBIOS

    It would be easy for me to tell you to "Use the force" and go to
    But since you cant seem to find this information that is so very easy to aquire, I'm going to tell you what information I could come up with. I've fount 326,000 pages related to NetBIOS. Search took 0.26 seconds. One of the more informative links that caught my attention was this one:
    It also has Netstat and Nbtstat commands and functions, all in one!!! Hope this helps,

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    Well, of course I've done searches, the force is strong with me. But what is the point of having a discussion forum if the only answer I can get to questions is "go to"?
    BTW what's everyones thing about google? What's so great about google?
    A buttered piece of bread always lands butter side down;
    A cat always lands on its feet;
    A cat with a buttered piece of bread strapped to its back hovers feet above the ground in a state of quantum indecision

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    Angry Google...

    Do NOT under ANY circumstances DOUBT the POWER of the WORLDS FASTEST search, it's gotta cool logo.

    Really though, just go to Google and sift through some stuff. But incase none of the texts talk about this one (Incase they want to look 1337 in anyway by not telling you this), the way to get into NetBIOS is by hitting F8 or Delete before the logo appears on a regular Windows Machine. Now read...hehehe.
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    1. do not talk bad about google.
    2. do not talk bad about google.
    3. seriously, go to google. it's the best.

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    NetBIOS is a network protocol (Just like TCP/IP is a bunch of network protocls) which is often used for windows file-sharing. You know, when you see computer in 'Network Neighborhood'? That's probably Netbios. (Although it can run encapsulated in other protocols at times.)

    Anyway, NetBIOS is just the protocol for Windows machines (developed originally by IBM) for Windows Networking. That's sort of it. The usual ports associated with it are ports 137 to 139 on your computer. Unless you are sharing files or printers out so that other people on a home network can use them, it's probably a safe and good idea to block off any traffic to/from ports 137-139 on your computer.

    If you *are* using those ports for some reason, it gets trickier, and any firewall rules or things-to-do depend on the situation.
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    NetBIOS is the SMB based higher level protocol used by microsoft networking, it is enabled by default on top of ipx or netbeui, but not on top of tcp/ip. Its the protocol that allows you to share files and printers and so on under the different windows operating systems.

    If you enable netbeui on your machine for local networking, remove the netbios binding from tcp/ip altogether. Good idea to do it anyways

    Any time you use the NET command under windows you are speaking through netbios of one sort or another.

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    Hi Pahkbel!

    Good day to you! Aside from the good explanations stated above. You may want to check these two good links:

    Have fun!

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    Post NetBIOS

    netBIOS scan log:

    Scanning range : 1*2.1*8.1.1-1*2.1*8.1.2*4

    [23 computer(s) found .]

    IP Address HostName UserName Operating System Server
    1*2.1*8.1.2 KAVTS-9 ADMINISTRATOR Windows NT 4.0 Yes
    1*2.1*8.1.3 EEC-SERVER EEC-SERVER Windows NT 4.0 Yes
    1*2.1*8.1.6 COMP-TECH COMP-TECH Windows 2000 Yes
    1*2.1*8.1.99 D32 DARLA Windows 2000 Yes
    1*2.1*8.1.100 EEC5 EEC5 Windows 9x Yes
    1*2.1*8.1.103 EEC4 EEC-STUDENT Windows 9x Yes
    1*2.1*8.1.105 EEC2 EEC2 Windows 9x Yes

    1*2.1*8.1.2 [ KAVTS-9 ] ( Windows NT 4.0 )

    IP Address : 1*2.1*8.1.2
    MAC : 00-*2-E3-*7-35-93
    HostName : KA*TS-9
    LAN Manager : NT LAN Manager 4.0
    Domain : VO-TECH-9
    Resolved : KA*TS-9
    Operating System : Windows NT 4.0

    NETBIOS names (12)
    KA*TS-9 - Workstation Service
    KA*TS-9 - File Server Service
    VO-TECH-9 - Domain Name
    VO-TECH-9 - Domain Controllers
    VO-TECH-9 - Domain Master Browser
    VO-TECH-9 - Browser Service Elections
    KA*TS-9 - Messenger Service
    ADMINISTRATOR - Messenger Service
    INet~Services - IIS
    IS~KA*TS-9 - Workstation Service
    VO-TECH-9 - Master Browser
    __MSBROWSE__ - Master Browser

    Open ports (5)
    21 [ Ftp ]
    80 [ Http ]
    139 [ Netbios-ssn ]
    443 [ HttpS ]
    1080 [ Socks ]

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